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Real Conditionals           


Conditional sentences express a choice and the possible consequences of that choice.

There are three types of conditional sentences: Real, Unreal and Unreal Past. The first type is the easiest to learn. It involves a present choice and a future consequence.

If you drive north for three miles, you will get to Columbus.

If he doesn't exercise, Fred will gain weight.

If you purchase a raffle ticket, you might win a car.

Real conditional sentences contain two parts, the if clause, and the result clause.

The if clause indicates the choice and is expressed in present tense. It indicates a choice and can be either positive or negative. If statements can also imply the opposite choice and result.

If you study hard you will pass the test. (Choice and possible result)
If you don't study hard, you could fail. (Implied opposite choice and result.

The result clause indicates the consequence or possible consequence, and is expressed in future tense or with modals can, could or might.

If clause Result clause
If you eat your spinach, you will grow stronger.
If I quit my job, I can spend more time with the kids.
If Troy moves to Hollywood, he might become a movie star.

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Touchy Situations, Chapter 11

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