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Academic Vocabulary Exercise 5


Enter the letter into the box from the word that matches the following definitions.

1. noise usually followed by a flash of lightning a. axe
2. an absorbent material used for washing b. blade
3. an arch containing the colors of the spectrum c. cage
4. a hole or crack which allows water to pass thorough d. cork
5. a substance painted on wood to make it glossy e. crook
6. formed when two ropes are tied together f. dozen
7. unit of weight, one-sixteenth of a pound g. eyelid
8. instrument used in chopping wood h. emerald
9. a set of twelve i. knot
10. wood which has been sawed into boards j. leak
11. the flat, cutting edge of a knife or tool k. lumber
12. a thief, criminal, swindle l. ounce
13. a narrow strip of cloth used for decoration m. plug
14. an instrument used for measuring temperature n. railing
15. a bar which is used for support when climbing stairs o. rainbow
16. a fold of skin which covers the eyeball p. ribbon
17. a precious stone of bright green color q. sponge
18. a structure made of wires or bars for confining animals r. thermometer
19. part of a machine which is connected to an electrical source s. thunder
20. material from the bark of a tree, often used as toppers for wine bottles t. varnish





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