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Academic Vocabulary Exercise 7


Enter the letter into the box from the word that matches the following definitions.

1. path, road, way a. approach
2. fighter b. collapse
3. person who is not brave c. conquer
4. develop slowly d. coward
5. fall down e. evolve
6. poor, simple farmer f. expansion
7. terrible hunger g. fleet
8. complete commercial control h. incredible
9. very valuable i. inhabitant
10. large building for storage j. monopoly
11. resident k. peak
12. get closer l. peasant
13. group of ships m. priceless
14. huge n. route
15. defeat o. severe
16. top of the mountain p. starvation
17. cruel, harsh q. vast
18. wild, unsettled area r. warehouse
19. growth s. warrior
20. unbelievable t. wilderness





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